Just For Kids

At Alpine Church our kids church (infants through 6th grade) is offered at the same time each campus offers adult worship services so you and your child can pursue God at the same time. We use an exciting and interactive strategy made just for kids called “Gospel Project” for Kindergarten through 5th grade, and “Orange: First Look” for Preschool and toddlers.


Safety is our top priority. We try to do everything possible to provide a safe and secure environment for kids. We have developed an extensive safety policy which is designed to protect your kids. This policy is posted in every classroom and a copy is available for you upon request.

For infants, toddlers and preschoolers

We believe that little ones come to learn, not merely to be baby sat. As little sponges, they soak up God’s Word as it’s presented and reinforced through interactive bible stories, and memorized using hand motions.  All of our children are taught using age-appropriate activities, crafts, and worship.

Our learning environment is exciting and relevant to kids of all ages. Our time is focused around three Basic Truths every child should embrace by the age of 5.

God Made Me
God Loves Me
Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Each Basic Truth is amplified by a Key Question, Bottom Line, and Memory Verse as the framework for each month. Through small group activities, relationships and high-energy worship, Alpine Kids Church will likely be the best hour of your child’s week.

For kindergarten through 5th grade

In our kids church, our weekly activites are designed to bring the Bible to life as we tell a new Bible story each week. There is always a “Big picture question” of the day to help kids hold onto what they’re learning, and there is a “Key Bible Verse” to help kids gain even more knowledge of the Bible. And if your child attends our Kids Church for 3 years, they will hear the entire message of the Bible from start to finish. And as we tell the Bible stories, every lesson always points to Jesus.

We believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be totally rocking and good leaders care about investing in kids lives. We strive to provide an atmosphere that is high energy, enjoyable and makes sense to kids. We want your kids to have fun as they learn all about how much God loves them and what Jesus has done for them.

What to expect when you visit

We have a secure process of checking in your children which takes just a minute of your time but ensures that your children are safe and their experience is even better. Stop by the Kids Church table at your campus and someone will help you find the room where your child will be.

Infants, toddler and preschoolers remain in their classrooms for the entire time you are in church. Kindergarten through 5th grade meet in their individual classrooms to start, then come together for a short time in a Large Group setting, then return to their classrooms to finish their lessons before church is over. For all ages, you will pick up your children in the same room that you drop them off.

To check out your child, simply present the tag you were given at the beginning of the service. Please be patient as we take extra security precautions to ensure your child leaves our program with the right adult.

So join us this Sunday! You and your kids will love it!