Take “Foundations”

Are You Ready?

Most people check out Alpine for several weeks or even months before they are ready to take a decisive step in their relationship with God. We respect this process, and that’s why we do “church” in a way that makes sense to even the most casual observer. We love that Alpine is filled with people at all stages in the journey. But when you are ready to begin a relationship with God, we don’t want it to be a mystery. That’s why we wrote “Foundations”.

The First Three Steps

“Foundations” presents the first three steps in your pursuit of God. The first step is 101, a short four-page lesson that explains the basic message of the Bible. The next step, 201, includes 5 lessons that lay out 10 basic principles for the Christian life. The final step in the booklet is 301, a six-month Bible reading plan that leads you through the 27 books of New Testament. We believe everyone who wants to pursue God – whether newcomers or life-long Christians – will benefit from “Foundations”.

Finding a Group

It’s best to complete “Foundations” in a group setting. Foundations groups go through 101 and 201 in six weeks, providing a great place to learn and grow with others like you. The group can then decide how they’d like to finish 301 in the final 6 months – whether meeting weekly or less frequently. Ready to get started? Click below.

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Accessing the curriculum

All Foundations curriculum is available for free at our resource website rednotes.org. Want to check it out? Click below.

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